Create a lasting impression on readers with our book design services:


InDesign template creation and modifcation


New Layout | Reprint| Corrections


Re-draw | Re-label | Image corrections


Copy-editing | Indexing | Proofreading


Book Layout

Grafiks Design with its highly professional in-house team of designers, editors and project managers understands the publishing industry standards, Publishers’ expectations and market demands. We provide page layout and project management services in multi-lingual, as well as editorial services in English language.

Our typesetting services are accompanied by artwork preparation and our graphic designers prepare all the graphic material according to the publisher requirements. We resize, redraw graphic material and wherever necessary, we re-label text and/or redraw illustrations, maintaining consistency in labels and sizing.

We have expertise in InDesign, QuarkXPress and 3B2 as well as InMath®, MathType®, and Xpress Math® for both Books and Journals.


What kind of books do we page layout?

Our team of professional Graphic designers can typeset every genre of fiction and nonfiction books.

  • Books of Trade (all genres),
  • Academic/Textbooks (K-12, Higher Education, ELT & STM),
  • Major reference works/Encyclopedias,
  • Journals,
  • Booklets, Periodical Reports

We provide multilingual typesetting in German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and other Latin languages as well. And in non-Latin languages such as Hebrew, Arabic.

Book Editing Services

Typesetter, copy-editor, book layout

Copy Editing is the process of making a manuscript grammatically correct.

What we offer?

Our editors will review the manuscript and suggest changes in grammar, punctuation, spelling, tone and consistency to make it as error-free as possible. You would be able to accept or reject the suggestions and post queries on the ones you need more clarity on. This would be a collaborative effort with you and the editor and the final manuscript would be the result of a consensus between both parties.

Proofreading is the last stage of the editorial process, the final tidy-up, the spit and polish before you show it off. Here’s where editors become thoroughly annoying with their obnoxious comments about apostrophes and ‘your’ versus ‘you’re’.

A copy-edited book shows readers you have taken the time to enhance their reading experience; that you respect and appreciate them

What is a book Index ?

In the simplest terms, a book index is simply a key to locating information contained in a book. Its very important that the Index words be relevant and of interest to a possible reader of the book, so index can easily guide the reader to what the book is all about.
The main idea of the book index is to help the reader find information quickly and easily. hence the index should be kept as simple and professional as possible.

what Client say about us

"I just wanted to thank you and your wonderful team for great work you did on my book. Also,the extra mile you went to make sure I was satisfied. Highly recommended."

Daniel Bishop Author

"We have been outsourcing eBook conversion to Grafiks Design from past couple of years and their quality, on-time delivery has been top-notch till date. Great work as always!"

Susanne Taylor Production Manager

"Highly reliable photo editing services provider ! Outsourcing photo editing to Grafiks Design is very affordable and they are super-fast!!"

Philip Dixon Creative Director